Being sued for a violation of the Child Sexual Abuse Act?

Are you being sued for a violation of the Child Sexual Abuse Act? (CSAA), N.J.S.A. 2A:61B-1
The Child Sexual Abuse Act, (CSAA), N.J.S.A. 2A:61B-1, was enacted in 1992. The purpose of the act was to allow alleged victims of sexual abuse to get around the two year statute of limitations that exist for all other personal injury claims. Thus, if you are being sued under the child sexual abuse act, chances are that this allegation is old, perhaps very old. Unfortunately, there are some lawyers that file law suits in an effort to scare people into settling even though there is little to no evidence to support the law suit. While there are definetly people that were abused as a child, most of the good claims have already been dealt with. To keep things going, some of the law suits filed now, may be rather weak if not completely fabricated by the plaintiff. The lawyers that file these claims may be very aggressive so you need a tough defense. Our team of tough, smart lawyers know how to fight back against child sexual abuse law suits.

While the laws associated with the child sexual abuse act can be complicated, there are a few things you should know. Under the law, sexual abuse means an act of sexual contact or sexual penetration between a child under the age of 18 years and an adult. In other words, this a broad definition that includes a number of different acts. Furthermore, a parent or someone, foster parent, guardian or other person standing in loco parentis within the household who knowingly permits or acquiesces in sexual abuse by any other person also commits sexual abuse, except that it is an affirmative defense if the parent, foster parent, guardian or other person standing in loco parentis was subjected to, or placed in, reasonable fear of physical or sexual abuse by the other person so as to undermine the person’s ability to protect the child. Ok, that was a mouthful so lets break that down. A parent or anyone that is in a parental type role who allows the abuse to occur or doesn’t stop it from happening is also liable for sexual abuse. As a result, couples such as husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, and boyfriends and girlfriends are often sued together. However, the statute can also use a defense that there is reasonable fear that prevented them from stopping the abuse. Of course, not knowing about the abuse is also a defense.

So if you are being sued under the child sexual abuse act in any court in New Jersey, call our team of tough, smart attorneys to discuss your case. We will fight for you!

I just got an SEC subpoena: here are you next steps

I just got an SEC subpoena: here are you next steps

If you have received a subpoena from the SEC, you might be freaking out and frantically searching the Internet to determine what you should do and who you should call. How you react can play a part in how your case ultimately turns out. Making the wrong move could lead to disaster including but not limited to criminal prosecution. Thankfully, you don’t have to handle this on your own. Our team of tough, smart lawyers know how to fight back so that you can be protected.

The first step when dealing with a SEC subpoena is to determine if you are the subject of an investigation. Make no mistake about it, there is an investigation. You can be the subject or you may just have information that is material to its investigation. While the subpoena itself may not alert you to this, a skilled attorney can often read the subpoena and get a good idea as to what si going on.

Keep in mind that there are two different types of subpoenas: one for documents and one for testimony. Of course, you can get both at the same time. The timeframe to provide the documents may be short. You must understand that any documents that you provide in response to an SEC subpoena can be used against you. You have the right to remain silent but you cannot just ignore the subpoena. Again, this is why you need legal guidance.

Our SEC investigation lawyers are based in the New York – Philadelphia area, but are available nationwide. We do not charge travel time! No matter where you live, we will fight for you! Don’t let the SEC destroy everything you’ve worked for. Call us anytime, any day to discuss your SEC subpoena with us.

Monmouth County Divorce Lawyers

Monmouth County Divorce Lawyers

If you are getting divorced in Monmouth County, you need a lawyer that will fight for you but that won’t break the bank.  Our team of tough, smart divorce lawyers are aggressive, but affordable.  No matter how simple or complex your divorce case is, our lawyers can handle it.  Our goal is to get you the best possible result for the possible price.  Your divorce case does not have to cost $5,000 or more like most lawyers.  We can help you get divorced faster and cheaper.  Of course, if you need a lawyer to go to war for you, we can do that as well.  In other words, you dictate how the case proceeds, not us.

Our Monmouth County Divorce Attorneys are each to reach no matter where you live.  We have offices in Freehold, Tinton Falls, East Brunswick and Toms River.  Best yet, our initial consultations are always free.  Call us anytime to discuss your case.

Morris County DCPP Lawyers

Morris County DCPP Lawyers

DCPP, the state agency formerly known as DYFS has the power to tear your family apart.  They are very powerful and you need to fight back as hard as you can.  Our team of tough, smart DCPP lawyers will help you fight back.  We have been fighting for clients facing all types of child abuse matters in Morris County for years.  Put our experience to work for you.  As the old saying goes, the best defense is a good offense.  Stop getting bullied around and put our lawyers on the case.

Our DCPP attorneys are aggressive and affordable.  Call us to discuss your case for free.  There is no obligation.  Whether its a DCPP investigation or a full blown out case, our attorneys will develop a winning plan for you.

South Brunswick Simple Assault Lawyers

South Brunswick Simple Assault Lawyers

Simple assault charges in South Brunswick are fairly common.  The reasons for this are varied, but the bottom line is that the courts see these charges a lot so they are treated seriously.  Too many people think that the alleged victim can just drop the charges and the case will go away.  However, in the vast majority of cases, this is not possible.  Its is often the police that pressed the charges and not the alleged victim.  As a result, the alleged victim cannot drop the simple assault charges.

Instead of just hoping the case will go away or just winging it by yourself, let our team of tough, smart South Brunswick Assault Attorneys fight for you.  We’ve been handling simple assault cases in South Brunswick for year.  We know what works and what doesn’t.  Put our experience to work for you. A criminal record could ruin your life. Call us for free right now to discuss your case.

Somerset County DCPP Lawyers

Somerset County DCPP Lawyers

DCPP, formerly called DYFS, is a powerful state agency that can ruin your entire family if you don’t handle this case the right way.  Our team of tough, smart DCPP lawyers can fight for you and make sure that your family stays together.  We have offices in and around Somerset County so we are easy to reach no matter where you live.  We have been fighting for clients with DCPP mattes in Somerset County for years.  In other words, our lawyers are battle tested.  You can count on us to stop at nothing to get you the results you want.

Whether you are facing a child abuse investigation or a long, complicated DCPP court case, our attorneys will fight for as long as it takes.  We are always available for you.  You can call us anytime, any day to speak with one of our Somerset County DCPP attorneys.  In addition, our initial consultations are free so it will cost you nothing to pick up the phone and discuss the case with us.  Call us now to being your fight.

Woodbridge Shoplifting Lawyers

Woodbridge Shoplifting Lawyers

With two big malls and plenty of other stores, Woodbridge Municipal Court sees a lot of shoplifting cases.  Although these cases are common, a conviction for shoplifting can still ruin your life.  Even if you think that you are guilty and there is no hope, there are a number of options that a skillful lawyer may have at their disposal. Pleading guilty without first talking to a lawyer may be a huge mistake that you’ll have to live with for years to come.  Our team of tough, smart shoplifting defense lawyers have helped clients in Woodbridge Municipal Court that were charged with a wide range of shoplifting offenses.  Depending on the value of the merchandise, your case may be a felony shoplifting case.  Those cases will be heard in Middlesex County Superior Court which is located in New Brunswick.

No matter what type of shoplifting case you have, our attorneys will help you.  Our Woodbridge office is easy to reach and is just minutes from the court.  Our consultations are always free, so call us anytime to discuss your case with us.  Let us fight for you!

Paramus Shoplifting Lawyers

Paramus Shoplifting Lawyers

Paramus is not the largest town in New Jersey by far, but it is the largest shopping center.  With five indoor malls, Paramus probably has more shoplifting cases than any other town in New Jersey.  As a result, shoplifting charges in Paramus can be treated very seriously.  In fact, depending on the value of the merchandise allegedly stolen, you could be looking at felony shoplifting charges.  These cases will be handled in Bergen County Superior Court.  Otherwise, all other cases will be handled in Paramus Municipal Court.

Our team of tough, smart lawyers have handled these case across all of New Jersey in addition to Paramus.  Our offices are located just minutes from the court, so we are easy to reach.  Put our experience to work for you.  You do not need a criminal record ruining your life.  Call us anytime, any day to discuss your matter.  Our representation is aggressive but affordable.

Monmouth County DCPP Lawyers

Monmouth County DCPP Lawyers

With offices in Freehold and Tinton Falls, our team of DCPP lawyers regularly appear in Monmouth County Superior Court.  We have been fighting against DCPP (formerly known as DYFS) for years.  We are aggressive but affordable.  You do not need to get bullied.  You don’t have to just suffer with lawyers that were assigned to you.  There is an alternative.  You can fight back.  We will stand up for DCPP and fight for you.  Out of all of the lawyers in New Jersey, we are one of the only lawyers to have written a book about fighting back against child abuse and neglect allegations.  Its available on Amazon.

If you have any type of DCPP issue in Monmouth County, call our team of tough, smart attorneys today.  Our initial consultations are free and we are always available.  We can either discuss your case over the phone or you can meet with one of our attorneys in one of our offices.  Your fight against DCPP begins with a phone call.  Fight back and call us today.

Hudson County DCPP Lawyers

Hudson County DCPP Lawyers

With an office in Jersey City, right across the street from Hudson County Superior Court, our DCPP lawyers are there often fighting for clients.  We know how to save your family front the clutches of DCPP.  Handling this case by yourself could be a disaster.  If other lawyers were too expensive, we may be the affordable but aggressive alternative.  Our team of tough, smart lawyers have been fighting in and out of courts against DCPP (formerly known as DYFS) for years.  In fact, we are one of the only firms to have written a book about this area of law.  Its available on Amazon.

Whether your case is in court or out of court, our attorneys can help you fight back.  It doesn’t matter how old your case is, we can still help you.  Best yet, our consultations are free and our attorneys are always available.  Call us today to discuss your case.  Let our team of Hudson County defense attorneys fight for you!


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