Charged with Simple Assault in New Jersey?

Charged with Simple Assault in New Jersey?

If you have been charged with simple assault in New Jersey, you are facing a criminal offense that must be taken seriously.  If convicted, the penalties can include: 1) having a criminal record, 2) fines, 3) probation and 4) jail time in addition to other possible consequences.  Having a criminal record for simple assault can make it difficult to obtain employment or you can lose the job you currently have.  However, you should not feel that there is nothing you can do.  Our team of tough, smart simple assault defense lawyers have helped clients up and down New Jersey.  We have helped many clients get their NJ simple assault cases completely dismissed.

Domestic Violence Simple Assault

Many cases of simple assault in New Jersey are the result of domestic violence.  Most people charged think that the alleged victim can just drop the charge.  However, it is not their charge to drop.  When you receive your summons, you’ll see that it says the State of New Jersey vs. you and not the alleged victim vs. you.  Therefore, only the prosecutor can decide what to do.  On top of that, domestic violence is very common and even the most minor of cases are treated as very serious for any number of reasons.  Thus, the prosecutor will likely be on board to just dropping the charge.  In fact, they often come at these cases at full force.  That is why our NJ criminal defense lawyers fight these cases even harder.  Our strategies have been proven over many years in hundreds of courts.

Put our experience to work for you.  If you have been charged with simple assault in any court in New Jersey, call our team of aggressive lawyers today.  Our consultations are free and you can call us 24/7/365.

New Jersey Tax Audit Lawyers

New Jersey Tax Audit Lawyers

When it comes to a tax audit, you have three options:  go it alone, hire an accountant or hire a tax audit lawyer.  Going it alone is not just a smart option at all.  You have no idea what you are doing.  An accountant really know how to crunch numbers and they also know tax law.  However, they don’t have the advocacy skills of a lawyer.  Most tax audits do not involve complex tax issues.  Even if they do, a lawyer can bring an accountant on to handle a portion of the audit to handle those issues.  But when it comes to the back and forth interaction and negotiation with the IRS agent, you want someone who has been battle tested.  Our team of tough, smart NJ tax audit attorneys have fought in front of judges and juries in courts across the state.  We have verbally wrestled with prosecutors, lawyers and others for years.  This experience just cannot be matched by an accountant.

If you are facing a tax audit anywhere in New Jersey, call our lawyers first before you do anything.  Our initial consultations are free and we know how to resolve your tax audit as quickly and efficiently as possible.  This helps you keep costs down.  However, if things do take a turn for the worse, we will be right there to do whatever it takes to prevent you from getting prosecuted.  Again, this is where a lawyer’s unique skills and experience come into play.  Call us anytime, any day to discuss your case for free.

Allentown Unemployment Fraud Lawyer

Allentown Unemployment Fraud Lawyer

With the economy still suffering from the Great Recession, unemployment still remains high.  As a result, allegations of unemployment fraud in Pennsylvania are increasing.  Likewise, arrests for unemployment fraud in Pennsylvania are also on the increase.  Most of these arrests were probably avoidable.  Because unemployment is not a traditional street crime, those under investigation for unemployment fraud in Pennsylvania may not hire an attorney.  They don’t treat it seriously because they don’t even think of it as a crime.  Its not until they get arrested and see their name in the paper do they realize what a mistake they made.

Before you say or do anything with regard to your case, call our team of tough, smart Allentown unemployment fraud lawyers today to discuss your case for free.  Our attorneys will discuss your options and how we can help.

NJ Unemployment Non-Monetary Interview

NJ Unemployment Non-Monetary Interview

If you are facing a non-monetary interview in New Jersey with regard to your unemployment claim, you should speak to an attorney before you do anything else. This interview can be a sign that you are being investigated for unemployment fraud. While not everyone facing an unemployment fraud case will get arrested / prosecuted, the number of people getting charged has continued to pick up. Since its free to pick up the phone and talk to one of our unemployment fraud lawyers, there is simply no reason not to.

If you are being investigated for unemployment fraud in New Jersey and your participate in the non-monetary interview, anything you do or say could be used against you. If you are then charged with fraud, your attorney will find it difficult to represent you. Of course, there are cases where you may be investigated for fraud and you still win the case so you don’t have to pay anything back. We’ve helped clients do that.

Before you do or say anything, call our unemployment fraud lawyers to discuss your non-monetary interview.

New Jersey Parole Eligibility Lawyers

New Jersey Parole Eligibility Lawyers

The New Jersey parole eligibility hearing is actually a lengthy process and not just one hearing. It involves a report that is written some time before the eligibility hearing date. This report contains pre- incarceration records, the conduct of the inmate during the confinement, an investigation into the inmate’s plans post release and other information. The New Jersey parole lawyer helping the inmate needs to examine this report to make sure that it is accurate and complete.

Once this report is written but before the actual hearing date, a hearing officer will review all of the reports and determine if there is a basis to deny parole or if a hearing is necessary. If no hearing is necessary, the officer will recommend to the New Jersey Parole Board panel that release should be granted. If they agree, the board members will certify release.

If either the board or the hearing officer determines that there is a basis for denial of parole, the inmate will receive a written determination. A parole hearing will then be held before the Parole Board. A New Jersey parole lawyer can help ensure that the inmate gets relearned from parole.

A parole lawyer is very important because the inmate does not know the law and does not have the ability gather the required information. The lawyer will use the law and the facts to ensure that your loved one gets released as soon as possible.

If you want to help your loved one get released on parole, call our parole lawyers now for a free consultation.

New Jersey Parole Revocation Attorneys

New Jersey Parole Revocation Attorneys

Our parole revocation attorneys can help your loved one avoid returning to prison if they are facing a revocation hearing. Although the hearing is not taking place in a court room, the parolee is still entitled to a lawyer. Because a parole revocation hearing in New Jersey does not require the use of the rules of evidence, these hearings can present a number of challenges to the average attorney. As a result, having an experienced parole revocation attorney is very important. Besides just trying to attack the allegations, there are a number of different issues that the defense lawyer must handle. This is a lot to these revocation hearings and the attorney must know how to incorporate all of them. Even if an offender is found to have violated parole, a good criminal defense lawyer can help the client avoid returning to prison.

Call our parole violation attorneys anytime for a free consultation to see how we can help you.

Will gun permit be denied due to PTI or conditional discharge?

Will gun permit be denied due to PTI or conditional discharge?

In New Jersey PTI (pre trial intervention) and a conditional discharge are great ways to avoid a conviction. At the end of these programs, the case is completely dismissed. However, the arrest and dismissal will still appear on your record. As a result, the police will see it. The law allows them to consider these offenses as if they occurred even though you were not convicted. In fact, the State Police will often view these programs as convictions for whatever reasons (at least in my experience). Thus, if you just apply for a gun permit in New Jersey and you have either of these things on your record, you may be denied.

Luckily, we can help you. Our gun permit lawyers can file for an expungement. This will erase this arrest and dismissal from your record. As a result, nothing will come up. You will once again have a clean record. We will then represent you for the gun permit to make sure that goes smoothly. When our lawyers handle these matters as a package like this for you, we can save you a ton of money. Call us today to discuss your expungement and gun permit matter for free with one of our New Jersey lawyers.

DODD Hearing Attorney in New Jersey

DODD Hearing Attorney in New Jersey

In New Jersey DYFS (now known as DCPP) will bring a DODD hearing against you if your child is taken away and put in foster care. By law, the court appearance must be soon after the child is taken away. This leaves you almost no time to hire a DYFS defense lawyer. That is why our team of tough, smart DYFS defense lawyers is always available for you. Day or night, weekend and holidays, you reach our attorneys to discuss your matter.

This DODD hearing which is the first court appearance for your New Jersey DYFS case is one of the most first important. This is not the time for you to go to court to see which way the wind is blowing. If you do not make the right moves at this hearing, your children could stay in foster care for quite some time. While it doesn’t happen often, we have been able to secure a complete dismissal of the case at this court appearance. If that cannot be accomplished, our lawyers will fight to get your child back right away.

We are one of the only law firms to handle DCPP matters in every single court in this state. We are also one of the only firms that has a lawyer to have wrote a book on this subject. Put our experience and dedication to work for you. Call us now to discuss your case for free.

New Jersey Gun Permit Appeal Lawyers

New Jersey Gun Permit Appeal Lawyers

If you have been denied a gun permit in New Jersey, you have to file for an appeal. Often times, the police will verbally inform you that you have been denied. However, they have to send you a formal denial letter at some point. You then have 30 days from then to file an appeal. All of this information should be located in the letter itself. What most people don’t understand is that an appeal is actually a trial. Thus, to try to do this by yourself might be extremely difficult. In fact, these gun permit appeals are often difficult for experienced attorneys like us. The State will often fight hard against the appeal and we need to do everything we can to ensure that we win.

When handling any trial, including a gun permit appeal in New Jersey, a lawyer has to put together the right facts and the right law. This includes preparing you for trial and gathering the appropriate evidence. We will also use our knowledge of the law to come up with hard hitting arguments to help win the case. Our team of tough, aggressive lawyers regularly appear in every single court in New Jersey. We are also big defenders of the Second Amendment and numerous pro-2A organizations. In other words, we bring a passion and dedication to our defense of your rights.

If you are facing a gun permit appeal in any court in New Jersey, call us before you do anything. Let us help you hold on to one of your most important constitutional rights before the State takes them away forever.

New Jersey Collections Defense Lawyer

New Jersey Collections Defense Lawyer
If you have a collections agency or a law firm coming after you for a debt, you already know that they can be relentless. This is because they only get paid if their client gets paid. In some cases, the debt may be legitimate but in other cases, it can be bogus. In either case, you need a defense against these collections efforts

Our New Jersey collections defense lawyer can help you make these collections lawyers leave you alone. As soon as they learn that we represent you, all communication will go through us from that point forward. They will not be able to bother you. We will be just as relentless in your defense as they were in trying to get the money from you. Whether the case is in court or out of court, we will fight for you. No more repeated calls or threatening letters. We will help you fight back.

To discuss your collections issue for free with one of our collections defense lawyers, call us now to see how we can help you.


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