Clifton police allege that trio used Craigslist to set up robbery

Clifton, New Jersey police have arrested three people accused in the robbery and assault of a teenager who responded to an ad for an iPhone on Craigslist.  Two juveniles along with Ronnie Dumas, 18, of Morristown are charged with second-degree robbery.  Police say that Dumas had posted an ad on Craigslist and arranged to meet the victim on Broad Street on Tuesday night. Dumas then changed the meeting spot at the last minute to School 16 on Grove Street. When the victim got to the school, where the robbers came out of a vehicle and attacked the man.  $220 and a Pope John Paul II gold medallion were stolen.

This is a tough case for Dumas, because the juveniles are going to get great deals to flip on Dumas.  In New Jersey, juvenile cases are handled much quicker so before Dumas gets indicted, the  juveniles will already be finished with their cases.  Of course, if the juveniles don’t have good attorneys and/or the State wants to hit the juveniles hard, they may be waived up to adult court.  At that point, the juveniles will be sentenced as an adult if convicted. 

Story is here.

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