New Brunswick Postal Worker accused of theft by deception

Jennifer James, a New Brunswick postal worker was arrested and charged with possession of stolen property and theft by deception. Police allege that she used a stolen ATM card to make 16 withdrawals and steal $7,500 from another woman’s bank account within the last month.  After a New Brunswick resident notified police that money had been taken from her account, they began an investigation.  They allege that James had obtained the victim’s card and personal identification number and made withdrawals in New Brunswick and North Brunswick.

There is no indication as to how the card was stolen, but I doubt that it was connected to her job as a postal worker for a number of reasons.  For one, identity theft is often a crime of opportunity for people that are not involved in organized crime.  In addition, she was not arrested by Federal law enforcement which you would expect if this involved theft of mail.

Story is here.

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