Quick thoughts on Robert Higbee trial for May 13th

Not much happened on Wednesday due to  various delays.  The State Trooper that testified, Anthony Mertis investigated the crash.  The major aspect of his testimony was the stop sign and whether or not it was illuminated.  I missed most of the cross due to TruTv’s schedule, but I did catch some.

It seems like Higbee’s attorney, William Subin did focus on the fact that the video shown to the jury which depicts the stop sign was overly illuminated due to the Trooper Mertis’ car and the lights that he had on.  Mr. Subin also brought out the fact that Trooper Mertis was aware of other accidents at the same location.  In addition, Mr. Subin established once again that Higbee was following proper protocol when he was attempting to go after the speeder.

All in all, I’d have to give the win to the defense for Wednesday’s brief proceedings.

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