Man gets 13 years for DWI death of 88 year old

While this wasn’t my case, I did work on it as my firm represented the client.  It was a tough case as the case was stacked against the client.  Nevertheless, we did a great job by getting the plea down. After all, the client killed one person and seriously injured another.  Since he already had 18 months in jail, he should get out of prison in about 8 years or less. 

This is the type of case where we really don’t make any money because we wind up doing 3 times the amount of work than what we are paid for.  However, when it comes to criminal defense, you set a fee and after it is paid, you forget about whether you were paid enough to fight for the client.  We turned this case upside down, reviewed 1000’s of pages of documents, filed over a dozen motions and did a ton of research. 

In the end, the client thought that it would be best to accept this deal.  If he went to trial, he would have had to spend more time in jail to wait for a trial while he was risking a lot more time if convicted.  I’m really happy we can get this deal for him.

Story is here.

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