A quick note on TV attorneys

I once had a client that hired an attorney because she was on TruTv (then Court TV).  In the client’s opinion, she did a whole lotta nothing for them but she still took the money.  I saw the attorney on TV recently and I wanted to just make sure people know that not every attorney on TV is a good attorney.  Some, if not a large number of TV attorneys pay to be on there.  I can hire a PR firm today and probably be on some national show in the next few months.  Does  that mean I am better than any other attorney?  Of course not; it just means that I spent a lot of money.

Again, some attorneys on TV are on there simply because they are viewed as great attorneys.  One way to tell is whether or not the attorney had to drive to the appearance.  For example, one of the other attorneys in my office was picked up in a limo for a TV appearance.  Other attorneys I know that have paid to get on TV had to drive there.  Yet again, a TV appearance alone does not mean the attorney is the best attorney for you regardless of how the attorney got there.

Finally, my main concern with TV attorneys is they are often proclaimed as experts by the show that they are on.  Here’s the problem with that.  I know an attorney that does not practice criminal law and yet he goes on TV as a criminal defense attorney.  Crazy huh?

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