Man seeks revenge on ex-wife by leaking oil on lawn

Gerald Dugan is charged with criminal mischief and unlawfully releasing hazardous materials after he allegedly removed a valve from the oil tank of his ex-wife’s house causing 200 gallons of home heating oil to be spilled outside and onto her lawn.

He is also alleged to have broken into a locked garage, scratched a car, spray-painted its headlights black, slashed a bike tire, unplugged a freezer, slashed a mattress and damaged a lawn mower.  The bad part about all that is that each incident will be used to prove the other.  In addition, he also faces burglary and criminal mischief charges from May 16 when he allegedly was captured on security camera ripping down a clothesline and stealing a storage bin.  While the last part isn’t that much of a problem, that incident will also be used against him to try to convict him of the other incidents. 

Story is here.

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