670 pot plants seized from alleged pot farm

Eric Defelice was arrested and charged with first-degree maintaining and operating a controlled dangerous production facility.  The farm allegedly  used hydroponics techniques and was located inside a single-family dwelling at 110 N. 10th St.

Police allege that he operation seems to have been running fora few years because of the equipment that was found at the home. That consisted of hydroponics equipment, transformers, high-voltage lights, a self-contained exhaust ventilation system and an air purification unit and fan.

This is a tough case as it would be tough to take this case to trial. It is hard to argue that you didn’t notice 670 marijuana plants in your house and that someone else must have put them there.  You also can’t say that these are for your own use.  I’m sure the police had a search warrant and those are rarely easy to attack. 

I would want to know more about his life and whether he was a big pot guy or whether he was living an expensive lifestyle.  I’ve had cases like this before and have had great success at focusing more on the character of the client than the facts of the case. 

Story is here.

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