Princeton High School coach indicted for sexual assault

James Kearney Jr., aPrinceton High School girls’ basketball coach has indicted on two counts of sexual assault for an alleged affair he had with a 17 year old student.  Not really sure why they went with the indictment as they could have worked this out beforehand.

My guess is that he will plea out to a 4th degree and get probation.  He will do this through a union attorney and it will be all done in a few months.  That’s how many of these cases are handled which is why I see a lot of attorneys come in my office but so many of them opt for the free representation.  I’d like to see one of these cases go to trial as it would be a great jury nullification defense.  While you can’t exactly argue that explicitly, that’s really what this is and everyone knows it.

Story is here.

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