Man avoids prison in Shaken Baby Syndrome case

My client, Abdul K., was facing numerous charges that could have landed him in prison for 10 years.   This was a tough case because the injuries to the child were complex and the family did not have any money for serious litigation.  Thus, I had to move quick to get the  best possible result.  Not only did I move quick, but I earned praise from the prosecutor for doing so.  I worked out a deal for a 3 flat, which I thought was an amazing deal.

 Because I was going to be on trial, I gave the case to my associate, Jennifer Marshall to finish.  As no one in my firm just mails it in, she reviewed the updated medical records which seriously called into question the extent of the damage that the client may have caused.  As a result, Jennifer convinced the prosecutor to rework the plea so that the client was sentenced to time served; just 37 days and just amazing when you consider the lack of money that was available to litigate this case.  We did all of this without filing one motion.

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