Ocean County, NJ Restaurant Owner Cleared of Criminal Sexual Contact Charges

My client, G.S. is the owner of a popular Ocean County, New Jersey restaurant.  After firing a young waitress for causing problems with a customer, she called the police and charged my client with numerous criminal sexual contact charges that allegedly took place over a period of months.  Thus, not only was my client facing serious felony charges but if this case made the local paper, his restaurant business could have gone under. 

Luckily, my client called me early.  Thus, I was able to hit the ground running as I always do in these cases.  When I first met with the client, I developed a plan and put that into action right away.  If he was indicted, the case would have become rather high profile which could force a trial due to the public pressure on the State.  As a result, I had to get the prosecutor to dismiss the felony charges before indictment..

These charges are clearly bogus and thankfully, the prosecutor agreed.  Thus, the felony charges were dismissed within weeks which is lightning fast in Ocean County.  However, there were numerous assault and other charges that remained at the municipal court level.

Because these charges were so baseless, I made a motion to dismiss at the first court appearance.  That motion was granted at the second court appearance which was today.  Thus, my client has no criminal record, his name and more importantly, the name of his restaurant were not in the paper and he can resume his normal life.  Needless to say, my client was very thankful and he assured me that he will be sending a lot of people my way.

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