I’ll call you back and I won’t curse you off

Got a great new client today.  I feel really bad for this woman.  She hired an attorney for her son who is facing a number of charges.  It seems like this attorney did nothing and never called her.  When she finally got him on the phone, he refused to go see her son in jail and he cursed her off.  As a professional, there is no reason for that.  I know some people can be difficult, but she is really nice.

She was really worried that the same thing would happen again.  I assured her that I did not build a state-wide practice with only three attorneys buy not calling back my clients and then cursing them off when they got me on the phone!  Since she has my cell phone number, I don’t think she’ll ever have a problem tracking me down.

My job might not be easy, but its times like this that I just love what I do.  I’m going to show her how a real attorney fights for her son!

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