Client gets probation for role in robberies

My client was facing charges of first degree robbery for being the get away driver for two robberies. He confessed before he hired me and as a result, he was facing 10 to 20 years for each robbery count. Of that, he would have to serve 85% before he would be eligible to be released on parole. Needless to say, the State had good case since the client confessed. The case took over a year and a half to finish up. The plea offer was 3 years in prison without 85%. Getting that plea offer was very difficult. Getting the Court to go along with it would have been a great accomplishment in and of itself. So, I was happy that we got that. At sentencing, my associate Jennifer Marshall filled in for me. Even though it seemed like an impossible take, she argued for probation. The Court was so persuaded by her arguments that the Court sentenced the client to a probationary term so that he did not have to spend one day in jail/prison.

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