New Brunswick man arrested for ‘Gohst’ graffiti tags

Joseph Pafieka of New Brunswick, New Jersey has been  arrested for criminal mischief for allegedly “tagging” walls and buildings across the city with his ‘Gohst” graffiti tag.  Police allege that he has done this 100’s of times but how much of that they can prove it unknown.  Oddly enough, the key witness that led to his arrest was a homeless man.

Assuming he has no criminal record, this shouldn’t be a big problem for him ordinarily.  However, I have a feeling that the authorities will throw the book at him due to the amount of graffiti and to send a message to other “artists”.  A good attorney needs to understand this and deal with it right away instead of finding it out a few months later when it is too late to do anything about it.

Story is here.

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