Sayreville Harassment Defense Attorney

Two weeks ago, I had a client that was charged with harassment in Sayreville municipal court.  The case was tough because it was a private citizen complaint.  As a result, there was no prosecutor to discuss the case with.  Even though the victim didn’t have an attorney, she knew how to handle herself in court and she refused to drop the charges.  Thus, the case had to go to trial.

Making the case more difficult was that the phone records showed that my client sent over 100 text messages to the victim in just a few hours.  I objected to the records but they came in anyway.  At trial, I painted the entire picture of the situation for the judge.  In the end, the judge found my client not guilty of the harassment charge mainly because my client came across as a good person who made a stupid mistake.  It was a great result for a great client.

If you are facing a harassment charge in Sayreville Municipal Court or any other court in New Jersey and you need an attorney to fight for you, give me a call.

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