Barnegat man charged with injuring 7-week-old son

Roderick Dorns was arrested Thursday and charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child for allegedly fracturing his infant son’s ribs.  The 7-week-old infant is hospitalized in critical condition. 
The assault occurred Monday and the baby suffered multiple rib fractures and retinal bleeding.

The investigation began after the state Division of Youth and Family Services called Barnegat police to tell them that a baby was being treated at the hospital for fractured ribs and retinal bleeding, injuries that are consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

After a joint investigation by Barnegat police, and the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office Special Victims and Major Crimes units, Dorns was arrested.

Story is here.

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  1. Rodrick would never shake no baby he was the happiest man in the world just knowing his baby mother was pregnant.He took care of his baby mom’s kids fed them and treated them as a father.he took a million pics when he finally had his own.Rodrick is the funniest person yu’d met he not some one ment for jail I think his baby mother set him up same as she did when she lied to police and said he hit her,rodrick paid that no mind in a good man that he is still stuck by her side after he got kicked out of his house I never knew she’d go this far on rodrick I feel bad not only me the whole coney island where rodrick grew up is sad and confused that rodrick of all people would have to go through this just for trying to be a good father rodrick is innocent 100%

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