Man hailed as hero for stopping ‘portal to hell’ attack in Union Township

When Hernan Agudelo looked out his sunroom window Friday into a dark morning, he had trouble seeing what was unfolding in his neighbors’ yard. But he knew something was terribly wrong.  The 33-year-old husband and father walked out the front door of his Union Township house, went around the fence and into a yard strewn with items cleared out of a shed.  There, he said, he witnessed a nightmare scene: A strange man was attacking one of his neighbors with a 10-inch, double-bladed knife.

Agudelo walked to his car, grabbed a small souvenir baseball bat, then returned to the backyard, where he swung for the attacker’s head, cracking it open, police said. He then tackled the man and held him until police arrived.  Agudelo interrupted a bizarre attack, one that left two women near death, their bodies riddled with knife and hatchet wounds allegedly inflicted by Morgan Mesz, a 25-year-old who claimed he had been searching for “the portal to hell,” according to police.

Both women — 53-year-old Carolyn Bunnell and 50-year-old Barbara Perrine — were listed in critical condition last night in University Hospital in Newark. The two encountered Mesz after noticing all the things had been taken out of their shed and tossed into their yard township Police Director Dan Zieser said.  Mesz, who lives on nearby Nottingham Way with a girlfriend, repeatedly stabbed both women until Agudelo intervened, Zieser said.

When officers arrived, the suspect was walking toward the front yard, blood running down his body, and Agudelo was screaming for them to stop him, the police director said. Mesz received stitches at the hospital and underwent a mental evaluation.

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