Seaside Heights Police Department issues dozens of tickets and criminal charges during St Patrick’s Day Parade

This past weekend, the annual St Patrick’s Day parade took place in Seaside Heights.  As Seaside Heights Criminal Defense Attorneys, we have seen a large increase in calls that is normal in the summer, but uncommon in the winter except when big events like this bring a lot of people to town.  Common charges include traffic violations such as speeding, failure to observe signal, wrong way, careless driving and DWI.  Criminal charges are also common and they include simple assault (bar fights, fights with bouncers), resisting arrest, criminal mischief, harassment, public urination, possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct.

If you are charged with any violation of criminal charge in Seaside Heights, give us a call to speak to a lawyer right away.  Because we are local, our fees are very competitive and affordable.  However, you will always get high quality representation.  Thus, we are sure you will find that a small retainer fee to help avoid large fines, jail, points, license suspension, probation and other penalities, to be well worth it!

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