Defending against a restraining order in New Jersey

Our team of tough, smart lawyers have been successful at defending clients against restraining orders across New Jersey. Unfortunately, too many people go to court without a lawyer or they choose the wrong lawyer. Many of these people think that the restraining order hearing is not serious, that the other side will drop it or that they can just explain the situation to the judge. Far too many are wrong.

This is not a case where you can see what happens and then hire a lawyer. If you lose this case, you will have a final restraining order issued against you. This can last forever and can lead to very serious consequenes. Do not make this same mistake.

When you hire our lawyes to defend agaisnt your TRO, we will come up with a strategy to fight the case. We will perform the necessary research in an effort to craft winning legal arguments. We will prepare you for trial so that your testimony,if needed, will come across as credible. We will them combine all of these efforts to fight the case at trial.

No matter what court your case is in, call us at 732-773-2768 to discuss your case.

New Jersey TRO Lawyers

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