New Jersey ISP Lawyers

New Jersey ISP Lawyers

The Intensive Supervision Program in New Jersey can help someone sentenced to prison to be released in just a matter of months even though they may be facing several years. The ISP process must start the same date the person is sentenced. The process starts with an application and the gathering of evidence in advance of the ISP hearing.

An ISP lawyers is vital in New Jersey. Without a lawyer, you or your loved one is leaving the entire process up to the state. With all due respect to the men and women that work for parole, they are not advocates for inmates. Every inmate seeking ISP should have an advocate just like they had one for the case itself.

Our New Jersey ISP lawyers will fight to make sure that the application is done on time. The right staff members for ISP will be contacted to make sure that everything is being processed the right way and in a timely manner. The lawyer will then gather all of the evidence necessary to present to the ISP screening board before hearing.

The final process of ISP is the hearing itself. Our ISP lawyers will be present with your loved one and most likely you as well. We will handle the hearing on the inmates behalf and advocate for immedete release. ISP hearings are really amazing because if successful, the inmate is released right then and there.

If you or a loved one is facing an ISP hearing, call our New Jersey Intensive Supervision Program lawyers today for a free consultation.

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