New Jersey Parole Revocation Attorneys

New Jersey Parole Revocation Attorneys

Our parole revocation attorneys can help your loved one avoid returning to prison if they are facing a revocation hearing. Although the hearing is not taking place in a court room, the parolee is still entitled to a lawyer. Because a parole revocation hearing in New Jersey does not require the use of the rules of evidence, these hearings can present a number of challenges to the average attorney. As a result, having an experienced parole revocation attorney is very important. Besides just trying to attack the allegations, there are a number of different issues that the defense lawyer must handle. This is a lot to these revocation hearings and the attorney must know how to incorporate all of them. Even if an offender is found to have violated parole, a good criminal defense lawyer can help the client avoid returning to prison.

Call our parole violation attorneys anytime for a free consultation to see how we can help you.

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