New Jersey Parole Eligibility Lawyers

New Jersey Parole Eligibility Lawyers

The New Jersey parole eligibility hearing is actually a lengthy process and not just one hearing. It involves a report that is written some time before the eligibility hearing date. This report contains pre- incarceration records, the conduct of the inmate during the confinement, an investigation into the inmate’s plans post release and other information. The New Jersey parole lawyer helping the inmate needs to examine this report to make sure that it is accurate and complete.

Once this report is written but before the actual hearing date, a hearing officer will review all of the reports and determine if there is a basis to deny parole or if a hearing is necessary. If no hearing is necessary, the officer will recommend to the New Jersey Parole Board panel that release should be granted. If they agree, the board members will certify release.

If either the board or the hearing officer determines that there is a basis for denial of parole, the inmate will receive a written determination. A parole hearing will then be held before the Parole Board. A New Jersey parole lawyer can help ensure that the inmate gets relearned from parole.

A parole lawyer is very important because the inmate does not know the law and does not have the ability gather the required information. The lawyer will use the law and the facts to ensure that your loved one gets released as soon as possible.

If you want to help your loved one get released on parole, call our parole lawyers now for a free consultation.

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