PTI violation in New Jersey

PTI violation in New Jersey

In New Jersey, pre-trial intervention, or PTI is similar to probation. The primary difference is that with PTI, the person has not been convicted yet whereas in probation, they have. With a violation of probation, the defendant may go to prison so the hearings are more formal. That doesn’t always seem like the case with a violation of PTI. That is probably because there is less of a consequence. The case just picks up from where it left off. However, a violation of PTI in New Jersey should be aggressively fought.

Our NJ criminal defense lawyers can help you with your PTI violation hearing. We will fight to keep you on PTI because that is your best chance to avoid a criminal record. Through skillful litigation, we can prove that the violation did not occur, is too trivial to warrant a termination of your PTI or we can offer mitigating evidence to keep PTI intact.

If you are facing a PTI termination hearing in any court in New Jersey, call our team of tough, smart lawyers today. Our initial consultations are free.

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