Baltimore Tax Audit Lawyers

Baltimore Tax Audit Lawyers

If you are facing a tax audit in Baltimore, Maryland, our team of tough, smart lawyers can help you fight back against the IRS.  Unlike other firms that handle a wide range of tax issues with tax audits only being a small part of their services, our tax representation is solely focused on audits and related criminal tax issues.  In other words, we’re not busy helping people prepare tax returns or structure their businesses for tax efficient purposes.  We are focused on making sure that this audit does not turn into an arrest.  That starts with an aggressive approach to work with the IRS agent to get you the best possible outcome.

Being prepared and knowing the law are just a small part in handling a tax audit.  What sets us apart is our skill and experience in negotiating deals with some of the toughest prosecutors and investigators anywhere.  Don’t handle a tax audit by yourself.  Let our team aggressive Baltimore tax audit lawyers fight for you.  We can discuss your case over the phone and then meet with you in our Baltimore office which is located at:

Legg Mason Tower
100 International Drive
23rd Floor
Baltimore, Maryland, 21202

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