Somerset County DCPP Lawyers

Somerset County DCPP Lawyers

DCPP, formerly called DYFS, is a powerful state agency that can ruin your entire family if you don’t handle this case the right way.  Our team of tough, smart DCPP lawyers can fight for you and make sure that your family stays together.  We have offices in and around Somerset County so we are easy to reach no matter where you live.  We have been fighting for clients with DCPP mattes in Somerset County for years.  In other words, our lawyers are battle tested.  You can count on us to stop at nothing to get you the results you want.

Whether you are facing a child abuse investigation or a long, complicated DCPP court case, our attorneys will fight for as long as it takes.  We are always available for you.  You can call us anytime, any day to speak with one of our Somerset County DCPP attorneys.  In addition, our initial consultations are free so it will cost you nothing to pick up the phone and discuss the case with us.  Call us now to being your fight.

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