Contacted by the Medicaid Fraud Division?

Have you been contacted by the Medicaid Fraud Division?

If you have received a letter from the Medicaid Fraud Division, you must act immediately to protect yourself.  Too many people tell themselves that this is no big deal.  They are just looking to review some documents or get other information.  However, the word fraud should set off alarm bells.  They investigate criminal activity and other violations of the law and you are likely a target of their investigation.  Anything you do or say in response can be used against you.  Hiring an attorney will not make it seem like you are guilty or have something to hide.  That’s the kind of thinking that gets people arrested.  Our team of tough, smart lawyers can protect you against health care fraud allegations no matter where you live.

The Medicaid Fraud Division investigates both patients and providers.  It doesn’t matter which one you are.  You need to be protected.  Before you respond to their subpoena, speak with them, go to their office or do anything else, call us to discuss first.  The initial moves you make can make the difference between getting this matter dismissed and getting arrested.  Our team of tough, smart lawyers will protect you against these allegations.

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