Clifton DWI Lawyer

Clifton DWI Lawyer

If you are facing a summons for DWI in Clifton, NJ it is very important that you hire an experienced DWI defense lawyer to fight the case for you. Defenses in DWI cases are very unique. For example, even if you drove drunk, there are still a number of defenses that, if successful, can result in a dismissal of all charges. Of course, arguing that the defendant was not driving is a valid, although uncommon defense. A more common defense is that the person driving was actually not intoxicated. Our team of tough, smart DWI defense lawyers will look into every possible defense to get you out from under these charges.

As previously stated, you can be completely guilty and still win your Clifton DWI case. Why? DWI defense is a very complex and technical area of the law. The police often have to do almost everything right in order to secure a conviction. If the police even make one mistake, it could destroy their entire case. Our Clifton DUI defense lawyers stop at nothing to find every single problem with the State’s case. If our lawyers can show the court that one problem is serious enough or if there are a number of smaller problems, then the entire case may be able to be thrown out regardless of how guilty you are!

Our DWI lawyers are easy to reach as our Clifton office is near the court and right off of Route 3. Our consultation is always free and our costs may often be lower than what other attorneys charge. Call us 24/7 to discuss your Clifton DWI case to see how we can help you.

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