Examination Under Oath in New York

Examination Under Oath in New York

An examination under oath is a serious issue and you should not do or say anything until you speak to a lawyer. That is because there is more at stake then just the insurance claim itself. If this is not handled the right way, you could be arrested and charged with insurance fraud. The primary reason this occurs is because people handle their insurance issues without an attorney. An examination under oath costs the insurance companies money. They are only going to invest in challenging the claim if they think there is a possible payoff. If they prove fraud, they can deny the entire claim. In other words, if you have been asked to submit to an examination under oath, this should set off alarm bells that there is something serious wrong and you should seek immediate legal advice.

The good news is that we can help protect you. Our team of tough, smart lawyers have helped many clients with their examinations under oath. We know the law. We know their tactics. And we know how to fight back. Don’t put everything at risk just to save a few dollars. Our initial consultations are free so call our attorneys today to discuss your EUO.

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