Jersey City CDS Possession Lawyers

Jersey City CDS Possession Lawyers

CDS possession in Jersey City is a very common offense. CDS cases often include possession of heroin or possession of cocaine. However, CDS possession cases can include all types of drugs. These case are very unique in that most cases are not ideal for trial. Instead, most cases are litigated via pre-trial motions such as a motion to suppress or less often, a motion to dismiss. Of course, there are some cases where trial is the best way to fight the case. Regardless of the exact defense to be used, it takes a skilled and experienced defense lawyer to spot and then utilize the best defense to get the desired result. Our team of tough, smart Jersey City Possession of CDS lawyers will fight for you no matter how serious or complex your case is.

Our Jersey City office is located right near the Hudson County courthouse. Our initial consultations are always free so call us anytime to discuss your case today.

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