Examination Under Oath in Pennsylvania

Examination Under Oath in Pennsylvania

If you have been asked to do an examination under oath in Pennsylvania, otherwise known as an EUO for your insurance company, you should consult with an attorney before you do or say anything. Handling the examination under oath the wrong way can lead to very serious consequences. Besides a denial of the insurance claim, you could wind up being arrested. Insurance fraud is a very serious crime and if convicted, you could be sent to prison even as a first offender. Luckily, these consequences may be easily avoided if you call a lawyer as soon as possible. Unfortunately, too many people assume that the insurance company can’t prove anything because they didn’t do anything wrong. This is one deadly assumption. Our EUO lawyers have experience in protecting clients and battling back against the insurance companies.

If you have been asked to submit to an examination under oath anywhere in Pennsylvania, our team of tough, smart attorneys can help protect you. While the EUO itself is usually just one day, our representation goes well beyond that. There is a lot to do both before and after the EUO itself. That’s another point that most people miss. It will cost you nothing to discuss your EUO issues with one of our attorneys so call us today to discuss your case. We’ll explain how we can help you just like we’ve helped so many other clients.

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