New York Parental Alienation Lawyers

New York Parental Alienation Lawyers

There are a number of ways to combat parental alienation in New York.  One of them is to cut off child support to the other parent.  New York requires that a parent support a child until age 21 pursuant to Family Ct Act § 413 [1] [a].  However, if you can prove that your  right of reasonable access to the child has been unjustifiably frustrated by the custodial parent, child support payments can be suspended. Helpful cases include Matter of Crouse v Crouse, 53 AD3d 750, 751 [2008];  Matter of Dobies v Brefka, 83 AD3d 1148, 1152 [2011] and Usack v Usack, 17 AD3d 736, 737-738 [2005]). To win your case, you are required to show that the other parent intentionally orchestrated and encouraged the estrangement of you  from the children or that they actively interfered with or deliberately frustrated your  visitation rights.  Matter of Crouse v Crouse, 53 AD3d at 752, quoting Usack v Usack, 17 AD3d at 739.

Of course, there are many other ways to fight back against parental alienation.  To discuss all of your rights and options, call our team of tough, smart New York attorneys at 1-855-9-JEFLAW or visit our parental alienation website





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