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Health Care Fraud Letter from Department of Justice

Health care fraud, especially as it relates to drug compounding is going to be a big issue over the next 12 months.  Many people could be arrested.   Letters are going out now to those under investigation.  Our office can help defend you against these allegations.  There are ways to help you avoid arrest. If you receive a letter about a “investigation of health care fraud” call us immediately. The letter may start off with this “This office has received information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that you have been involved in violations of federal laws that prohibit health care fraud, namely Title 18 United States Code, Sections 1347 and 1349.” Anything you say can and will be used against you. We can defend you and do everything possible so that you are not prosecuted. 1-855-953-3529

New Jersey DYFUS Lawyer

DYFUS is actually correctly spelled DYFS and to make things further complicated, their technical name is now DCPP which stands for the Division of Child Protection and Permanency.  Of course, it doesn’t matter what you call them.  If they are in your life, they have the power to take your children and put them in foster care.  If you don’t get them back, your parental rights will be terminated.

The best way to fight DYFS is to fight back hard and fast.  Our team of tough, aggressive attorneys will jump on your case right away and fight for you.  Call us at 1-855-9-JEFLAW anytime to discuss your case.  Whether you call them DYFUS, DYFS or DCPP, we’ll protect you!

DYFS Investigation Process

DYFS Investigation Process

The DYFS (not known as DCPP) investigation process is chaotic at best.  That is, there is no one specific process that they will use to investigate you.  Most investigations start with a visit to your house by a case worker.  However, sometimes you may hear that DYFS will be coming to your house beforehand.  When they show up, they will ask a number of questions.  They may also get you to sign various documents.  Some of them may be releases so they can get information from your medical providers.

After they leave, they will work to gather documents from various places.  They may also talk to neighbors, your child’s school and anyone else that may have information.  Where the case goes from there is anyone’s guess.  The most common complaint we here is that DYFS requests one service, then another and then another.  It never seems to end.

There is also no real time limit.  The Internet is filled with posts talking about 60 days.  You have to get this out of your mind.  They can and quite often do take longer than 60 days.  In fact, we’ve talked to clients that have had cases open for years!

Regardless of what the case worker has done or what they may be planning to do, handling this investigation process by yourself may be a huge mistake.  Our team of tough, smart attorneys can help you make DYFS go away and get out of your life.  Call us at 1-855-9-JEFLAW to discuss your case anytime.

Newark Soliciting Prostitution Lawyer

Soliciting Prostitution has become a common offense in Newark with the new quality of life crackdown.  Newark is also the most populous city in New Jersey so prostitution and other crimes are frequent.  This offense is a crime and if convicted, you will not only have a criminal record but you could be facing jail time.

Our team of tough, smart lawyers Newark criminal defense lawyers will fight for you in municipal court and Essex County Superior Court.  We know how to defend these case and what it takes to get the job done.  Call us at 1-855-9-JEFLAW to discuss your case anytime.

Bergen County Promoting Gambling Attorney

Bergen County Promoting Gambling Attorney

In New Jersey, promoting gambling and/or conspiracy to promote gambling is either charged as a fourth degree crime or a disorderly person’s offense.  It is rare the a local police department is going to get involved in a small-time gambling case so therefore, most people charged with promoting gambling are likely facing the fourth degree felony charge.  If convicted, you would have a felony criminal record in addition to possible incarceration up to 18 months in prison.

Our team of tough, smart lawyers can help defend you against charged of promoting gambling in Bergen County or anywhere else in New Jersey.  We have offices in Clifton and Jersey City, so our offices are easy to reach from anywhere in Bergen County.  Call us at 1-855-9-JEFLAW to discuss your case for free.

Bill Cosby Charged with Aggravated Indecent Assault

Bill Cosby Charged with Aggravated Indecent Assault

Today in Norristown, Pennsylvania, Kevin Steele, First Assistant District Attorney in Montgomery County announced at a press conference that Bill Cosby has been charged with aggravated indecent assault.  Cosby has been accused by many women of raping them over the last few decades.  While some of these cases have wound up in civil court, he has never been charged criminally.

These charges could land Bill Cosby in prison for 20 years which would mean he would die in prison.  He is alleged to have given the alleged victim pills which rendered her unable to consent to any sexual encounter.  Cosby is alleged to have then raped her.

It is interesting to note that the former D.A. did not find enough evidence to prosecute Cosby.  The alleged victim, Andrea Constand has filed a defamation suit against the former prosecutor.

Cosby will be arraigned today around 4pm.

With offices in Philadelphia, Trenton and Cherry Hill, this firm handles Aggravated Indecent Assault cases in Pennsylvania.  Call us at 1-855-9-JEFLAW if you have been charged with any crime in Pennsylvania.

Far Hills Disorderly and Unruly Conduct Lawyers

Far Hills Disorderly and Unruly Conduct Lawyers

Every year, tens of thousands of people enjoy The Hunt, an annual race in Far Hills, New Jersey.  And every year, a few dozen people get arrested and charged with public urination as well as disorderly and unruly conduct.  Our lawyers have been handling cases like this in Far Hills for many years.  If you are facing these charges or any other criminal charges in Far Hills, call our lawyers today.  It will cost you nothing to speak with us and our fees are very reasonable.  Call us at 1-855-9-JEFLAW to discuss your case anytime.

N.J.A.C. 4A:2-2.3(a)(3) Inability to perform duties Defense Lawyers

N.J.A.C. 4A:2-2.3(a)(3) Inability to perform duties Defense Lawyers

N.J.A.C. 4A:2-2.3(a)(3) subjects an employee to discipline for insubordination for an inability to perform duties. There are some common scenarios that present themselves in these cases, such as psychical issue and mental health issues. Where there is a mental health issue, the employee may be subject to psychological testing. If the employee fails that, they can initiate an appeal. That topic is covered in more detail in another post. If there is another issue such as a physical
disability, there are limitations in what the employer can due. Under the LAD, an employer must reasonably accommodate an employee’s disability, Tynan v. Vicinage 13 of the Super. Ct. of N.J., 351 N.J.Super. 385, 396 (App.Div.2002) and the related limitations of an employee. This is of course “unless the employer can demonstrate that the accommodation would impose an undue hardship on the operation of its business.” Id. at 397 (citing N.J.A.C. 13:13-2.5(b)). The duty to accommodate an employee with a disability “extends only so far as necessary to allow `a disabled employee to perform the essential functions of his job.'” Ibid. (quoting Vande Zande v. State of Wis. Dept. of Admin., 851 F.Supp. 353, 362 (W.D.Wis. 1994), aff’d, 44 F.3d 538 (7th Cir.1995)).

Thus, the fight may be over the disability itself as well as the accommodation offered by the employer. Don’t get bullied around by your employer. If you have been accused of having an inability to perform duties pursuant to N.J.A.C. 4A:2-2.3(a)(3) to protect your rights. You can call us any time at 1-855-9-JEFLAW to discuss your case for free.

Jersey City Theft Lawyers

Jersey City Theft Lawyers

Theft charges in Jersey City can be serious and complex. The seriousness of a theft charge depends on the value of the item(s) at issue. Jail time can be zero days all the way up to 10 years. In addition, there are numerous theft charges that can include fraud, extortion, embezzlement and stealing. Although shoplifting is a type of theft charge, it has its own separate statute. All of these differences are very important as the defenses available for each theft charge are often different from the others. An experienced and knowledgeable, theft attorney will be able to analyze each case and develop a unique strategy for that specific charge. Our Jersey City theft attorneys know what works and what doesn’t. Put our skill and experience to work for you.

Our Jersey City office is located right near the Hudson County courthouse. Our initial consultations are always free so call us anytime to discuss your case today.

Jersey City Criminal Defense Lawyers

Jersey City Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you are facing a criminal charge in Jersey City, you want a lawyer that will fight for you. That includes returning phone calls, forming a strategy, working with the State to gather evidence quickly and negotiating with the prosecutor on the file to either get the case dismissed or work out a great deal. If that is not successful, then your lawyer should be able to have the knowledge and experience to throw everything at the case. Our team of tough, smart lawyers fight for our clients using these same methods. Just giving money to an attorney is not going to get the job done. You have to make sure that your criminal defense attorney has a plan and has the skills, knowledge, experience and reputation to back it up. In other words, your attorney has to bring it.

Our Hudson County Criminal Defense Attorneys will fight for you. Why? First, criminal defense is our passion. Second, you are our best form of advertisement. If we get an amazing result for you, you will refer plenty of people to us. Compare that to the attorneys out there that just hold your hand while you take a bad plea. Who are you going to refer to them? No one! Call us to see what we’re all about and how we can help you.

Our Jersey City office is located right near the Hudson County courthouse. Our initial consultations are always free so call us anytime to discuss your case today.