Simple Assault (2C:12-1a)

New Jersey Simple Assault Attorney

In New Jersey, simple assault (2C:12-1a) charges are common and, contrary to the title of the offense, very serious. Many simple assault (2C:12-1a) allegations accompany restraining order applications. If convicted, besides facing possible jail time, a criminal record for a simple assault charge (2C:12-1a) may lead employers and others to believe that you are a violent person. Regardless of the specific assault charge, circumstances or the location of the court, our New Jersey simple assault (2C:12-1a) defense attorneys will fight for you to achieve the results you want for you and your family!

With ten offices in New Jersey including New Brunswick, Toms River, Freehold & Princeton, our simple assault (2C:12-1a) defense lawyers are easy to reach from anywhere in New Jersey. Call us today at 732-773-2768 to begin an aggressive defense against the charges you are facing.

Our New Jersey criminal defense attorneys have a long track record of successfully defending clients charged with a wide variety of assault charges, including simple assault (2C:12-1a). When presented by an aggressive, capable and experienced lawyer, defenses such as self defense and intoxication can be used to defeat the simple assault (2C:12-1a) charges against you.

2C:12-1a Simple Assault

A person is guilty of assault if he:

(1) Attempts to cause or purposely, knowingly or recklessly causes bodily injury to another; or

(2) Negligently causes bodily injury to another with a deadly weapon; or

(3) Attempts by physical menace to put another in fear of imminent serious bodily injury.

Simple assault is a disorderly persons offense unless committed in a fight or scuffle entered into by mutual consent, in which case it is a petty disorderly persons offense.

From Newark to Trenton, Jersey City to Atlantic City, our simple assault (2C:12-1a) defense lawyers will fight you in any court in New Jersey.  With offices in New Brunswick, Toms River, Eatontown & Princeton, our team of tough, smart criminal defense lawyers are easy to reach from anywhere in New Jersey. Call us today to begin the fight against your simple assault charges!

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