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Retired NJ State Trooper allegedly shoots at wife

Toms River police allege that Bruce Figular, a retired NJ State Trooper shot at his wife, but missed.  His wife, who fled the home, did not have any injuries.  Few details were released about the incident, but there were a few interesting details.  One is that it took police at least 90 minutes to go into the house and arrest Figular which suggest some time of stand off and negotiation.  After he was arrested, Figular was brought first to the hospital and then to the jail.  This suggests he either had physical injuries or mental health issues. 

He is charged with aggravated assault which, in this case, is a second degree charge.  Attempted murder is not always charged in these shoot and miss cases as it can be difficult to proove that there was an intent to kill.  I would also like to know if a restraining order was filed as they almost always are in these cases.  If so, he needs a good attorney at the FRO hearing to question the wife to essentially depose her. 

Maybe I’m biased, but I think it also helps to have an attorney that knows his (or her) was around family court as well as criminal court.  While there is a possibility for his wife to get back on his side, there is just as much of a chance of a divorce.  Having one attorney to handle both issues may not only save him a lot of money, but it may make the criminal case much easier to deal with. 

As an attorney, my main focus would be on his mental health status at the time of the offense in addition to taking testimony from the wife at the FRO hearing.  A good mental health defense and/or intoxication defense could be used to keep him out of prison.

Story is here.