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Jackson firefighter charged with sexually assaulting children

John Wes Ackley, of Andover Road, Jackson, also an employee of the Board of Fire Commissioners of Fire District 4  has been charged with aggravated sexual assault and sexual assault, each of a child, possession of child pornography on his computer and on a data flash drive, and endangering the welfare of a child.  These incidents are alleged to have occurred over a 15 month time span.

Ackley was charged after being questioned by the office of the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office which is code for (in my opinion) he confessed.  He was subsequently suspended from his job.  Even if he did not confess, the alleged child porn in this case is going to make it real tough for the defense as it will be used to show that the child porn was used to make the child more comfortable with the alleged abuse.  Thus, the credibility of the victim will be strengthened. 

This is the type of case where the defense should act very quickly to try to end this case and get the best result possible.  While I have had people charged with the same offenses and have kept them out of prison, it is not easy to do.   Of course, if there is a defense here, it should be pursued to trial.  Story is here.