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Charges could be upgraded in case involving death of former American Idol contestant Alexis Cohen

Former American Idol contestant Alexis Cohen struck by a car as she was killed on Saturday while walking near the intersection of Bay Boulevard and Dupont Avenue in the beach town of Seaside Heights.  Police allege that 23 year old Daniel Bark struck her with his car causing fatal head, chest and abdomen injuries.

Bark fled the scene and was arrested at 6 p.m.  on Sunday in Atlantic Highlands which is about an hour or so north of Seaside Heights.  He is in jail on $35,000 bail.

Right now he is only charged with reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident.  My guess is that Bark was at intoxicated to some extent so I expect that homicide charges will be filed shortly.  As a result, his bail will be much higher. 

This is going to be a high profile case and everyone will be watching what happens due to the American Idol connection.  As a result, Bark needs an attorney that will hit the ground running and start preparing for trial today!  That is his best hope to avoid a lengthy prison sentence.

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