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DYFS faulted in death of NJ toddler

DYFS faulted in death of NJ toddler

Trenton, NJ- DYFS’s child welfare officials did not connect concerns of child abuse and of domestic violence. This in the case of a 2 year old whose father has been accused to tossing her to death while she was still in her car seat.

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My phone seems to be ringing off the hook lately with people calling up about DYFS cases.  In New Jersey, DYFS cases can be independent of any criminal case or they can be integral to a criminal investigation and/or charge.  For example, DYFS can close a case but the County Prosecutor’s office can pick it up and prosecute one or both of the parents.  Likewise, DYFS can take action against a parent even though the Prosecutor’s Office has not brought any charges.  

On the other hand, a police investigation can lead to DYFS involvement and more importantly, a DYFS investigation can quickly turn into a criminal investigation.  Besides the police, DYFS in New Jersey can be called by a hospital, a school or a neighbor.  Thus, it is extremely important to call a New Jersey DYFS attorney at the first sign of trouble.  Some people wait for months but quite often, it is far too late at that point.  Anything said to DYFS, hospital staff, school officials and police can be used against the parent in both a case to terminate parental rights and the criminal case.

Common DYFS allegations in NJ include:  shaken baby syndrome, sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, drug abuse and alcohol abuse.  If there are criminal charges, at least one of the charges usually includes endangering the welfare of a child.

DYFS may claim that the same attorney cannot represent a parent in a DYFS case and the resulting criminal case.  They may fear that the information received in the DYFS case may provide the parent with an advantage in the criminal case as the parent will receive evidence that may be unavailable to the usual criminal defendant.  However, New Jersey courts have shot this down and the law is clear:  one attorney can represent the same person in both proceedings.  However, they may still try to catch a naive attorney off guard.  Thus, hiring a knowledgeable New Jersey lawyer is important.

If you have a pending DYFS investigation or case in any court in New Jersey, call the team of tough, smart lawyers that will fight for you.  With 10 offices in New Jersey, we are easy to reach no matter where you live.  Call 732-773-2768 to speak with our NJ DYFS lawyers at any time of the day.

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