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Jayson Williams pleads guilty; will go to prison

With his world crumbling down around him, Jayson Williams has entered into a plea deal in which he plead guilty to aggravated assault.  As a result, the  reckless manslaughter charge will be dismissed and the judge will not rule on whether or not his attorneys (Joseph Hayden Jr. and Billy Martin)  should be permitted to withdraw from the case.  White the attorneys cited a lack of communication with Williams, money was the real issue there, especially with his  pending divorce.

Williams must serve at least 18 months in prison before becoming eligible for parole.    For Williams, this ends a saga that has cost him millions in legal feels and a civil settlement with the victim’s family in addition to a divorce, an odd situation in a hotel where the police had to use a taser on him in addition to his DWI just a week ago.

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Jayson Williams is arrested and hospitalized after breakdown

Police responded to the Embassy Suites Hotel in New York’s Financial District on reports of a suicidal, emotionally disturbed person that turned out to be former NBA star, Jayson Williams.  Not only was he arrested, but he had to be Tasered.  He was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. 

Two of his defense lawyers Joseph Hayden Jr. and Christopher Adams  rushed to Williams’ bedside.  Although they insist he was not arrested, it seems like he was arrested to me.  He is awaiting retrial for reckless manslaughter for the shooting death of limousine driver Costas “Gus” Christofi in 2002.

Of course, the talk now is that this was all a ruse to delay the trial.  I don’t buy it.  Defendants are under a ton of stress at all times and sometimes, they break.  I even had a client that died of a heart attack due to all of the stress he was under.  He had no other risk factors that would lead you to believe that he could have a heart attack. 

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