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State has 120 days to move case against Michael Coppola

Michael Coppola, a reputed New Jersey mafia boss (now 63) is accused of killing John “Johnny Cokes” Lardiere in the parking lot of the Red Bull Inn on April 10, 1977.  Coppola was not a suspect until 1996, when an informant told authorities that Coppola had bragged about the killing during a party a few years prior.  His attorney, Thomas Cammarata filed a motion to dismiss the complaint because nothing has happened since 2007. 

The judge dismissed the motion but held that the State has 120 days to present the case to a grand jury or the court will dismiss the complaint.  I’ve let cases go on like this for a few years when my client was not locked up as time is always on your side as a defendant. 

However, when my client is locked up or when you want to move quick, you can file a motion for a probable cause hearing.  The hearings are never held because the State presents the case to the grand jury prior to the date for the hearing. 

I assume Coppola’s attorney had a good reason for handling the case the way he has.  I am sure he has used his time wisely but there reaches a point where you run out of stuff to do without any evidence.  Story is here.