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New Jersey Firearms Attorney

New Jersey Firearms Attorney

Our team of tough, smart New Jersey Firearms Attorneys can help you no matter what type of firearms issue you have.  if you are just applying for a gun permit or a firearms ID card, we can make sure that your application goes through without a hitch.  If you have a juvenile record, an adult criminal record, a restraining order, mental health issues, DWIs or other issues that could make it impossible to get a gun permit in NJ, our lawyers can help you remove those restrictions.  If you have already been denied a gun permit in any town in New Jersey we can represent you for the appeal.

We also offer hard hitting criminal defense so if you have been charged with any firearms crime, we will fight to get the charges against you dismissed.  With offices throughout New Jersey, we are the statewide law firm that can represent in any possible firearms issue you have.  Our initial consultations are always free, so call us today to speak to a NJ firearms attorney.