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New Jersey DYFS Investigations Lawyer

New Jersey DYFS Investigations Lawyer
If DYFS is in your life and you want them to go away, you should seek the help of our team of NJ DYFS lawyers. Too many people make the assumption that DYFS will just go away. While this does happens sometimes, in other cases, DYFS brings the parent to court even when there is little to no evidence. Hiring a lawyer will not make you look guilty, especially since DYFS may already believe that you are guilty.

DYFS case workers may say that they are going to close your case but we have seen too many situations where they have lied to the parents. This lulls people into a false sense of security and before the parents know it, they are in court. Don’t let this happen to you. If DYFS wants to question you, have you sign documents, take a test, or agree to do an evaluation, you should consult with a DYFS investigations defense lawyer before you agree to do anything.

When DYFS brings people to court, it is often the evidence that they (unknowingly) gave to DYFS that forms the basis for bringing a case against them. Do not let this happen to you! Call our DYFS investigation lawyers today to discuss your rights. It will cost you nothing and it could prevent your family from being torn apart by DYFS.