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Apply for a gun permit in New Jersey with mental health issues (question 26)

Applying for a gun permit in New Jersey with mental health issues (question 26)

As a New Jersey gun permit attorney, I get more questions about this issue than I do any other issue when it comes to gun permit applications. Even though the application is rather straightforward, question 26 confuses a lot of people. First, this question has nothing to do with whether or not you have been confined in a mental institution. It simply asks if you have been treated, attended or observed by any doctor for any mental health issue. Second, the question isn’t whether or not they will find out about it. I’m actually shocked that people say that to me. Submitting a false application is a felony. Would you steal a car if you thought you could get away with it? Would you steal $50,000 from someone if they didn’t know it was you? Would you sell drugs to someone if no one would know? Well if you said no to these last three questions than why would you ever think of trying to get one over on the police? To you, these three examples might seem like apples and oranges but they are all felonies in New Jersey. So don’t worry about getting caught, especially when it is so easy to avoid.

Our team of gun rights lawyers in New Jersey can help you deal with your mental health issues so that it does not become a problem for your gun permit application. Call us to discuss your matter for free.