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New Jersey Tax Audit Lawyers

New Jersey Tax Audit Lawyers

When it comes to a tax audit, you have three options:  go it alone, hire an accountant or hire a tax audit lawyer.  Going it alone is not just a smart option at all.  You have no idea what you are doing.  An accountant really know how to crunch numbers and they also know tax law.  However, they don’t have the advocacy skills of a lawyer.  Most tax audits do not involve complex tax issues.  Even if they do, a lawyer can bring an accountant on to handle a portion of the audit to handle those issues.  But when it comes to the back and forth interaction and negotiation with the IRS agent, you want someone who has been battle tested.  Our team of tough, smart NJ tax audit attorneys have fought in front of judges and juries in courts across the state.  We have verbally wrestled with prosecutors, lawyers and others for years.  This experience just cannot be matched by an accountant.

If you are facing a tax audit anywhere in New Jersey, call our lawyers first before you do anything.  Our initial consultations are free and we know how to resolve your tax audit as quickly and efficiently as possible.  This helps you keep costs down.  However, if things do take a turn for the worse, we will be right there to do whatever it takes to prevent you from getting prosecuted.  Again, this is where a lawyer’s unique skills and experience come into play.  Call us anytime, any day to discuss your case for free.