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Monmouth County Tax Audit Lawyers

Monmouth County Tax Audit Lawyers

Our team of tough, smart lawyers can help you fight back against the IRS.  Our tax representation is limited to audits and related topics.  Unlike other attorneys that just handle audits as part of their overall tax services, we exclusively focus on tax audits, criminal tax investigations and criminal tax charges.  Our first goal is to make sure that you are not arrested for any tax issues.  Our secondary goal is to protect you during the audit and to limit your exposure to tax penalties that can really add up.

In Monmouth County, the IRS maintains an office in Freehold so this is likely the office that will contact you.  We have successfully helped clients with matters out of this office and we’d be happy to help you out as well. You can reach our tax audit lawyers 24 hours a day at the toll free number to your right.  We have two offices in Monmouth County (Freehold and Tinton Falls) so we are easy to reach no matter where you live.  Call us today to discuss your tax audit issue with no obligation.