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Ocean County Domestic Violence Lawyers

Ocean County Domestic Violence Lawyers

Domestic violence in Ocean County can take many forms.  Quite often when people thing of domestic violence, they think of restraining orders.  Certainly, defending or prosecuting a temporary restraining order is a big part of what a domestic violence attorney does.  However, an attorney can also help you vacate a final restraining order. In addition, there are many criminal charges that can be filed in addition to or in lieu of a final restraining order.  These include but are not limited to simple assault, aggravated assault, criminal mischief and harassment.

Besides those criminal charges, custody and parenting time rights can be impacted as well.  This can be through a motion, an initial custody determination or through a divorce case.  DYFS also known as DCPP can also get involved when domestic violence allegations are made in Ocean County.  Of course, all of these issues can come into play at the same time.

Our Ocean County Family Law and Criminal Defense Attorneys are fully equipped to handle all of your domestic violence issues no matter how serious they may be.  Our initial consultations are free so call us anytime to discuss your case.