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Attorney Paul Bergrin charged with Conspiracy to Commit Murder and Racketeering

Wow, what else can you say about Paul Bergrin.  After dodging a huge bullet by avoiding prison on prostitution charges, he is now facing life in prison for a variety of charges that make him look like a mob boss.  Simply put, the Government alleges that he ordered witnesses to be killed and helped his clients carry out illegal activities.

Bergrin was indicted and charged with racketeering and racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud and wire fraud conspiracy, murder of a federal witness, and conspiracy to murder a federal witness and a witnesses in a state case, as well as Travel Act violations and conspiracy to commit Travel Act violations.  He is looking at  life in prison on some counts and a long enough sentence to be a life sentence for him at his age. 

Also charged with Paul Bergrin are Thomas Moran of Paramus who is an attorney with an office in Bergrin’s law offices, Vicente Esteves who is an  alleged drug dealer, Yolanda Jauregui, a/k/a Yolanda Bracero of the same Nutley same address as Bergrin, and Sundiata Koontz of West Orange.

The Government alleges that is has informants in addition to recorded conversations that capture Bergrin discussing murders and drug trafficking.  In addition, there are hints that Bergrin may have been involved in other murders as other cases that he has been involved in had witnesses that turned up dead.  Needless to say, it looks pretty bad for Mr. Bergrin.

He was arrested and held without bail.  The Government wants to try to keep him held without bail as they allege that he has significant contacts in other countries, including the Dominican Republic, Japan and Costa Rica.  In addition they allege that they have received information that he has five false passports.

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New Jersey Attorney Paul Bergrin pleads guilty to conspiracy to promote prostitution

New Jersey Attorney Paul Bergrin has entered a plea of guilty to conspiracy charges in New York with regard to a former escort company called NY Confidential.  Lucky for Bergrin, he was able to avoid felony criminal charges.  There is no indication yet as to what will happen with his ability to practice law.  I don’t think he’ll have that much of a problem because the charges are not that serious compared to what he was facing.

I don’t know Mr. Bergrin or the facts of the case, but this is not a case where he decided to start an escort business.  Instead, he took it over for a client that was in prison.  This is important because it is easy to cross the line between helping out a client and breaking the law.   I’m sure all of that was taken into account in working out this case. 

The bottom line is, his attorney, Gerald Shargel did a great job and I wish Mr. Bergin the best of luck in the future.