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Three plead guilty in fraud and pyramid scheme

Guilty Pleas in Fraud and Pyramid Scheme

Three Millburn, NJ officials of a small brokerage firm pleaded guilty today to securities fraud and a pyramid scheme that may have included 7,000 people of more than $120 million over a ten year period. The three alleged sold illegal municipal bonds as collateral for personal and commercial loans to benefits themselves and business ventures.

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Head of Collapsed Brokerage Gets Split Fraud-Trial Verdict

Ex President of Collapsed Securities Brokerage convicted of tax fraud

Gilbert C. Schulman 30, was found guilty and convicted for tax fraud by a Federal jury in Newark, NJ. They reached no verdict on security fraud charges against him.

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Former New York Stock Exchange Specialist Sentenced For Federal Securities Fraud

Two Sentenced For Federal Securities Fraud

New York- The New York State Exchange has sentenced two former registered specialists: Michael Hayward, 53 of Ramsey, NJ and Michael Stern 56 of New Canann, Conn. on the New York stock exchange to six months in Federal prison on charges of securities fraud.

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S.L. man and 4 others charged in alleged securities fraud scheme

Five charged in alleged stock fraud scheme

Kevin J Ruggerio a Lyndhurst securities broker has been indicted in an alleged securities fraud scheme along with Max C. Tanner a Las Vegas attorney, Dennis D. Evans a Las Vegas stock promoter and Mark A. Taylor of Tampa Fla. also a stock promotor. The individuals joined in an agreement to defraud investors through stock sales.

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Securities Fraud Settlement of 73.3 Million

Firm to pay 73.3 Million in Securities Fraud Charges to NJ

Tyco International Ltd. has agreed to pay New Jersey 73.3 million in order to resolve charges that include securities fraud from the former management of the diversified manufacturer.

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