Charges for threatening cop dismissed

As an attorney, whenever your  client is charged with threatening or assaulting a cop, you just know that the case is not going to be easy.  The cop may take the case personally and really push to nail your client to the well.  While I’ve always has these cases turn out great, I always assume it is going to be really tough.

Today I had a case where my client was alleged to have threatened to punch a cop to the point where my client allegedly put his fist in the cop’s face.  Not the best fact pattern.  However, I was able to get the case dismissed so my client does not have a criminal record.  How did I do it?  Simple, my client has nothing to lose by going to trial and I let the State know that I am ready to go to war over a case that to them may be minor, but to my client, is very serious.  It was a great result for a great client.

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