Domestic Violence

In New Jersey domestic violence is not a criminal charge.  Instead, it is used to refer to a number of crimes and other legal issues.  In other words, it is more of an umbrella term.  The three main issues that domestic violence attorneys generally deal with are criminal charges, restraining orders and other family court issues.

Criminal Domestic Violence Charges in New Jersey

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such crime in New Jersey called domestic violence.  Furthermore, actual violence is not required for a crime to be considered a domestic violence type charge.  In New Jersey, the following charges are considered common domestic violence charges:

If you are charged with any domestic violence crime in New Jersey, call us at 732-773-2768 to discuss how our lawyers can help defend you.

Restraining Orders in New Jersey

Unlike many other states, restraining orders do not expire.  They exist until either the alleged victim drops the restraining order or until a judge drops it pursuant to a motion filed by the defendant.  Restraining orders are very serious business.  They can lead to criminal charges, incarceration, an elimination of your right to own and possess firearms and can severely impact your parental rights.  Our lawyers can help you with the following issues:

Domestic Violence Issues in New Jersey Family Court

As previously stated, a TRO or FRO can impact your parenting rights and can also impact a divorce case in general.  Thus, when facing a domestic violence charge or domestic violence accusations in New Jersey, you want to make sure that your lawyer can handle all aspects of your case.  Otherwise, you will have to hire several attorneys to help you.  Not only can this lead to a greater expense, but this can also lead to problems if everyone is not on the same page.  Thus, our New Jersey Domestic Violence Attorneys can help you with all of your issues including these family court issues:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Alimony Modifications
  • Family Court Motions

No matter what type of domestic violence matter you have, we can help you.  Our team of tough, smart lawyers stand ready to fight for you in any court in New Jersey!  Call us at 732-773-2768 to discuss your case.


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