Seven charged in 1997 murder

I always like these old cases from a defense stand point.  Although there is no explanation as to why Phillip E. Wylie, 34, of Washington Avenue, Asbury Park; Cedric O. Smith, 37, of Jackson Street, Freehold; Sean D. Harris, 36, of Asbury Park Village, Asbury Park; Darren K. Sims, 32, of Boston Way Village, Asbury Park; Alphonso T. Edwards, 31, New Street, Asbury Park;  Antonio E. Grant, 30, of Third Avenue, Asbury Park and a seventh defendant were charged 12 years after the death of Andre Williams of Asbury Park it certainly seems interesting.   There are going to be many witnesses that forget what they saw and heard which is great from the defense side.

Whether or not this was a murder was unknown until 2006 when Monmouth County detectives developed some new information.   The investigation picked up and something led authorities to charge seven people in the alleged slaying.  As always, with seven people you have to be careful that someone is going flip if that hasn’t happened already.  One person flipping is easy to deal with but three or four can be tough.  Otherwise, the State will need some great evidence to put together a murder case that will be probably 15 years old by the time it actually gets to trial.

Story is here.

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